The Vagaries of Google

These are some things that people who stumbled upon my blog searched for yesterday:

  • the water cycle start to finish
  • alice disney
  • who to get to dimantel a barn and to rebuild into a house
  • princess games
  • why did fundamentalists oppose all forms of evolution
  • alasdair macintyre are we entering a new dark ages

By my count, that’s four completely disappointed people, one fairly disappointed person, and one semi-satisfied surfer.


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3 responses to “The Vagaries of Google

  1. On my old site, I used to collect these. Here are some of the best:

    The Google, it entertains.

    • Let me just offer an EXTREME PROFANITY ALERT for gentle souls who might click that link and not be prepared for what they see. Except for “Jesusville” and “pope’s hat wear,” I don’t think any of those searches would lead someone here.

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